Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Visit to Ghodegaon(200 KM from BOM)

This is my personal experience about Ghodegaon which come under Pune city, we seven of all had decided to go to Ghodegaon for our 02 days hangout, so the six out of seven has decided to go on afternoon so they started at 04:30 PM from Vikhroli park site and they reach around 03’O clock on bike.
I catch the bus from Sarvoday around 10:30 PM and reach around 05:30 AM at Ghodegaon bus station, where I met Mr. Arun Kokane, we search for autorickshaw for Chincholi, but we couldn’t get that so we walk together till Kokanyanchi chincholi which is around 03 KM from Bus station and around 30 to 40 Minutes from Bus station.
So we all slept tilll 09:30 AM and after finishing our morning activities and we proceed for Bhimashankar which is around 44 KM from Ghodegaon all zigzag road which takes around one and half hour from Ghodegaon, so we reach to bhimashankar and we visit to Old temple at Bhimashankar which is ancient and built up on 17th Century.
After pooja we been to visit one one which is 01 and half kilometer from temple so we all of us been there and without any timepass, we proceed for Ahupe Ghat which is arount 03 hours by Bike 65 KM by Road, also there is one shortcut from bhimashankar from where we can go within 02 and half hour like after 14 to 15 Kilometere there is one left turn from Bhimashankar towards ghodegaon from where Ahupe is 15 KM, but we cannot go by bike over there after 15 KM we have to walk for 05 KM which is around 01 & half hour. So we had taken longer route. After 30KM from Bhimashankar towards Ghodegaon there is one left turn where you can see big Banner of Krushna khore prakalp, this is actully a dam of Krushna nadi, but most scenic road which I have seen ever in my life from that left turn Ahupe ghat is 51 km so we walk towards the Ahupe ghat, It was amazing experience for all of us, Like I have read in the books for Great ocean road of Australia and Garden route of South africa. I remember this tour that time, first of all We can see dam at initial stages one we proceed on that road then we enjoyed our driving right hand side we can see the montain with greeneries and left hand side heaven of Krushna river, Left hand side we can see the river which has montain backdrop that time I think this is the best road way which I have seen In my life but we couldn’t go further after 30 to 35 Km b’coz one of our friend slpet from bike and heavy rain was that time,so we decided to move towards ghodegaon.
One the way to Ghodegaon We had tea at one small Dhaba and after that ahead towards the Ghodegaon and around 06:15 we reach to Ghodedgaon, we coundn’t reach till top of Ahupe Ghat but I will definitely visit that place once again and Visit to Ahupe Ghat.
That day we booked one lodge and we stayed over there for whole night and next morning we back to bombay for our normal work, but I will definitely say this was a best experience for me and all of us.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Visit to Kelve Beach

Kelve Beach :
Today I have visited to the Kelve beach. Before visiting this place I have searched for proper information on the net. so I was bit confused about this place. Because I didn’t get proper information. So my colleague shraddha is already been to this place so she made a plan for a Picnic and we decide a day also.. So I got up early in the moring on 30th August 2009 and I caught train for Dadar from Ghatkopar at 07:09AM after that I met to the Sagar at Dadar station and Luckily we caught the train of 07: 28 for Virar and we reached to Virar at 08.:45. And shuttle timing for Dahanu was 08:30 from virar but we couldn’t reach on time. We missed that train. So after that we caught the saurashtra express which timing was 09:30. And which took 20 to 30 minutes to reach the palghar station.
Kelve beach is 15 Kilometer far away from palghar station. So We caught tamtam at out side of Virar station(West). Tamtamwala took Rs. 11 for per person. So We get down at kelve near Shitaladevi temple. This is very good temple I have ever seen till date, here you will get real peace to your soul. So after completing of pooja and all we proceed to Kelve beach just behind of this temple.
So we walk straight to the kelve beach which is just next to temple. Whoever is going to Kelve beach don’t miss to have coconut water. When we reached on the beach I have seen nice beach view with the backdrop of casurina tree and mix up of white and black sand. So we decide to took 01 Ghoda gadi round. So that horseperson took 10 Rs. Per adult and Child charge is Rs. 05. And this was a Amazing experience for 03 of us.
So after horse round we had decided to roam around the place exlore proerly. There are one small creek between kelve beach which divide to this beach in two part and there is two forts also near kelva beach, one in the Water because of high tide we couldn’t go there and another one exactly on the beach. So we had been there but that was not too good as much as we expected.There were only a square wall So we decided to have lunch and we just come out from the fort and had a lunch on the beach, and it was a nice feeling to have a lunch on the beach and specially the when no one around you.
After lunch we been across the creek of kelve beach with the help of one fisherman guy and when we reached there, it was a feel like a king. There were no one around us. This place was totally secluded and I remembered my Shreevardhan and harihareshwar trip over here. This place was too clean and it was like heaven. So whoever is going to Kelva beach just cross this small creek with the help of fisherman and go on this beach also which is exactly right hand sight of Kelve beach. (Its part of Kelve beach).
So around 03’O clock we proceed for the palghar station. And we caught a train of 04:40(Saurashtra express) from Palghar station.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Like to make new friends

In life everyone has their own speciality and own interest to do something in life,like that I have a interest to make new friends.I would like to share some words how can we become a good friends.
This is a passage which explains how to be a good friend.
I will try not to get to soppy and lovey dovey and keep details strictly to the cold hearted facts (actually, maybe I won't be that severe and detour from the cold and hard facts occasionally!).
Step 1: I suggest that if you want to be a good friend you become friends with someone you actually like. This automatically eliminates all teachers, politicians and people who get rid of school holidays.
Step 2: Once you have found someone you have things in common with, you should expand on this and get to know you friend better. Perhaps inviting her to sit next to you in maths or even talking to her now and then could help.
Step 3: If you mutually decide you have some things in common, good - you have found yourself a nice new friend. If you don't have anything in common, don't worry and keep searching - there are plenty of other fish in the sea!
Step 4: Now yes, this friend will require quite a large proportion of your time, because naturally both parties need to be enthusiastic for a friendship to blossom. This means that you will need to support your friend in all their chosen paths, but be prepared to advise them against treading through dangerous waters.
Step 5: A friendship which is built upon mutual trust, respect, support and (my favourite) the acceptance of differences and the right to be an individual will foster other benefits such as loads of fun times where you party together or just hang out and share secrets (now don't deny it - these are the benefits that you were just itching to hear about!!)
Step 6: Well, now that you've found a friend, you should work on keeping them (that is if want to be a good friend and not just a friend fling). My best word of advice would be to continue with the above steps, make your friend feel loved and wanted and show you do care about them. If they're down and feel like they have no one in the world, prove them wrong by rocking up totheir house with a bunch of sunflowers and a bottle of wine (or cordial, depending on how old you and your friend are) and talk through their concerns with them. If you're no the flower type, take them out for a big night on the town for a sure fire way to lift their spirits!
And so everyone, after almost three years I have finally completed my piece.(see, miracles do happen, this is living proof!). If you chose to take my advice and it sucessfully finds you a good friend, then I fulfilled my task!! I now wish to sign, stay cool and happy friend hunting:)
How the friends are important in my life.
Friends that watch your backFriends that play with your heartAll act the same from the startBefore you know it some disappearOthers stay beside you for lifeThose are the friendsThe best friends
Now I am talkin so many things about friendship so I would like to share one story of true friendswhich are as follows.
True friends never leave each other even if one of them is walking on the wrong path of life. A true friend will try to correct the other in a way that it does not hurt the ego of the other friend. Friends don't mind when mistakes are pointed out; rather they try to accept it and change themselves for the better. True friends are those who inspire others to become better. Given here is one such inspirational story on friendship. Check out this motivational story of friends.
There were two friends who were the best of friends since a very young age. As little girls, they used to go to school together, play together and sometimes even stay at each others places. They were next door neighbors and thus their parents were also friends. They both finished school and went to the same college. Everyone knew they were the best of friends. There was nothing that was hidden between them and both knew each other inside out.
After some days, one friend found the other acting strange. She would remain withdrawn, sleep too much and turn violent if provoked. At first the other friend thought it was just the studies getting on to her. But with time, she became even more moody and frustrated. Finally her friend couldn't take it any longer and confronted her with the problem. She broke down and confided that she was involved emotionally with a guy and he was taking drugs and forcing her to take them too. The other friend listened to her tell the shocking story. She was not only forced to take drugs but was also forced to bring money every now and then and was threatened with dire consequences if she told anyone.
Her friend was too shocked to think anything and advice her right then. So she made sure that while her friend cried herself to sleep, she would think of a way to help her. Finally she thought that she would come up straight to the point and tell her to leave this guy and get a life. She contacted the college counselor who was a psychologist and told her the problem. She offered to help and also said that matter would be kept under wraps.
The girl was then advised by her friend to leave this guy as he was torturing her unnecessarily. Her friend reminded her of her dreams of becoming a successful professional, inspired her to set an example for others and reminded of what her parents would feel if they found out what their daughter was upto. After a lot of cajoling and talking, she finally agreed to leave him. She was given basic counseling and was weaned off drugs quite fast. All this while, her friend never left her side and always stood by her.
Finally they graduated and the friendship only grew stronger. They both went on to become successful professionals but never let each other down by adopting foolish habits. Thus, true friends are those who inspire you to become the best you can ever be. They have full confidence in you and won't rest till you achieve your goal.

So, Be always frinds of mine....

Visit to Haharihareshwar,Shreevardhan, Dive agar and Murud Janjira

Visit to Shreevardhan and Harihareshwar and Dive agar

I want to share one of my memorable trips.

On 7th of December 2008 I decided to go to Shreevardhan. I stay at Vikhroli Parksite. I started my journey in the morning at around 6’O clock as I have to catch the bus of 8’O clock from the Kalyan.

Sagar and me caught the bus at 8’O clock from Kalyan (Bus name was Bhivandi – Kalyan – Shreevardhan) and the distance is 200 kms from Bombay.

As it reaches Shreevardhan our bus halts at many places like Dombovili, Panvel, Pen (Raigad district) and we move further till Mangaon by Mumbai – Goa highway. Once we cross Mangaon we took first right from Goregaon phata for Shreevardhan and Harihareshwar. Shreevardhan, which is 45 km from Mangaon(Goregaon phata) and Harihareshwar is around 32 KM from Mangaon(Goregaon phata).
As our bus moves further for Shreevardhan and Harihareshwar we get a zigzag road, which ends in Bhoste Tala. One get many road side restaurants on the way such as the Open Umbrella.

Once we reached Bhoste Tala we will get bifurcated ways; right way will go towards Shreevardhan, which is 03 kilometer from Bhoste Tala, and Harihareshwar is 16 kilometer from Bhoste Tala is to the left. After 10 to 15 minutes we reached the Shreevardhan bus station where we had our lunch in Hotel Sandhya. The hotel is at a distance of just 5 minutes from bus stand. After our lunch we caught a rickshaw for Harihareshwar from the bus station, which is near the Market place, the distance of Shreevardhan to Harihareshwar, is around 19 Km and takes around 40 to 50 minutes to reach Harihareshwar. In Harihareshwar we stayed at Siddhakala lodge, which is around 2 to 3 minutes on foot from beach as well as Harihareshwar Temple.

Harihareshwar is the place with an ancient Shiva Temple and Kalbhairav temple situated on the beach. One will get real peace of soul from temple, which is sandy as well as, rocky with beach so calm.

On day one we just explored the beach and temple along with it we also surveyed the Harihareshwar and MTDC resorts. Though the MTDC resorts are nice property for high end guest there are different types of accommodation are provided such as Deluxe, tent etc. and for lower budget people nothing to worry there are so many low budget accommodation like the Siddhakala lodge where we paid 450 rupees for one night stay with breakfast. Besides this there are many other lodges are over there. After the first day small tour we went to sleep early but made the programmes for the next day.

On the Second day we got up at 5’O clock and after completing our morning formalities we went to the beach directly. We were there for one hour and after 6:30 my friends and me directly went on the sandy beach where we enjoyed a lot. Specialty of the place is the pristine sand beach with calm green water surrounded with the mountains. Due of lack of time we decided to move out of the beach and make one round of Harihareshwar temple which takes around 15 to 20 minutes. The temple is situated in between the hill and the rocky beach and so while making the Parikarma one has to cross the hills and then the rocky beach. It is advisable to listen to the local people because of the high tides. Unfortunately we could not complete the Parikarma because of the high tide. We bought several things from inside the temple like the papad, sweet kokam and Amba Poli. Then we reached the lodge took our breakfast and got ready for our next destination that is the Shreevardhan. We left the place with heavy heart but at the same time sweet memories too.

We left Harihareshwar and moved toward Shreevardhan, which is 19Km. We got down at Shreevardhan rickshaw stand it is for six seater rickshaw known as tamtam also. After getting down at the Shreenagar rickshaw stand we caught the next rickshaw for Shreevardhan beach which is around 2 Kilometer from the rickshaw stand. The cost from the stand to the beach is around 20 rupees. Before reaching the beach we had a glimpse of 2 to 3 temples like Somjai temple, the Bhairavnath temple, and the Lakshminarayan temple.

Shreevardhan beach is also pristine like that of Harihareshwar with clean beach and crystal clear water. It also has the mountain along with the Casuarina and Coconut trees. After relishing the view for sometime we moved forward towards Dighe agar, which is about 16 km from the place and hence have to take an auto or tamtam.

[Important: Whoever is going to the Dive agar from Shreevardhan it is must to tell the driver to take Via Shekhadi village to enjoy the real beauty of the Kokan.]

It takes around 60 to 70 minutes to reach the place. One can have a pleasant experience while going from the Shekhadi Road leading to Diveagar. It is explicitly breathtaking with coastline along the roads, which is stretch entirely. Once you reach Diveagar you one can see a ganpati temple, which is famous for its golden Murti found in 1997 in between Supari and a coconut tree. After that we went to the beach of Diveagar small coastal village in Raigad District of Maharastra State. Those who want to travel with fewer budget this is a better option.

Contact person: Sachin. S. Thosar
(Where you enjoy your meal as well as accommodation)
Address: Diveagar,
Taluka: Shreevardhan,
Zilla: Raigad (near ganpati temple)
Pin: 402404
Phone: (02147) 224100/202002
Contact no: 9421169934

After enjoying the wonderful moments on the Diveagar beach we proceed to Borli, which is one and half km from Dive agar, to catch the tamtam for Dighi jetty, which is 15 to 16 KM from Borli. Before reaching the Dighi jetty we decided to catch the next ferry for Murud. But unfortunately we missed that ferry. Instead of waiting for the next ferry we too another ferry for Agardanda (ferry had taken 10 to 12 minutes from Dighi).

From there we caught tamtam for Murud. We got down at Murud and again caught another tamtam for Rajapuri village which is 6 Kilometer from Murud and from there we bought the ticket for Murud Janjira fort, which is 15 rupees per person.
[Important: If anybody wants to know history of Murud Janjira then one can pay 20 rupees as guide charge].

We did not take any guide, as we wanted to explore the place ourselves. The entire place of Murud Janjira is around 22 acre. But got only 45 minutes to explore and if anyone wants to stay for longer time has to take special permission from the ticket counter.

With this our trip got over and we came back to Bombay with the nice memories and experiences.

[Fare: From Murud to Bombay distance is 165 Kilometer and bus ticket is Rs125 from Murud to Thane. Bus Timing is 05:30 from Murud Bus stand.]

[Distance: Dive agar – (01 and half km) Borli – (15 to 16 KM) Dighi 45 to 060 minutes –(by ferry) Agardanda – Murud –(06 Kilometer) Rajapuri – Murud – Mumbai]